Learning About the Problem of Excluding People From Society

Most people like to think of themselves as being kindhearted individuals. They pride themselves on not judging others or not treating anyone less than equal. Unfortunately there are many people that do not think this way. These people tend to judge others and based on their findings, will shun people from society.

It may be that someone is from an ethnic group that some other individuals don’t care for. As a result they are excluded from the social atmosphere. This also happens to those whose skin is a different color. People with disabilities find that they are often excluded from society. Many people with addictions no longer feel welcome in society.

Throughout the posts here there is a lot of information to help encourage society in general to be more accepting. Several of the posts discuss tips and hints on how a compassionate individual can become pro-active in helping to solve this problem.

If enough people stand up for those that are being excluded, then those that do shun others will become the minority. Eventually they may change their judgemental way of thinking and realize that their actions are cruel and unwarranted.

A great deal of damage can be done to individuals who are being treated by society to the point where they don’t feel they are accepted. It affects their self esteem and self worth.

One of the reasons this problem has become so widespread is simply because of the lack of knowledge or acceptance that it exists. If one does not recognize a problem then they can do nothing about it.